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The Health outcome is Overweight/Obesity, low socioeconomic, grow up in 3rd world country, no high school degree, move to the US when she was a teenager and got married, language barrier, social isolation. The Paper • Introduction • Provide an overview of the selected health condition • What is it? • For example, heart disease is defined as X, Y, Z. • Why is it important? • For example, heart disease affects X% of people in the United States and has been shown to reduce life expectancy by X years. Conduct a literature review to understand what researchers have found about the relationships between these social determinants and the chosen health condition or behavior. • Using the literature review and your original data, choose 3 determinants that stand out as especially significant for this individual’s health experience. • Write the paper, focusing on the intersection of these determinants and the health experience. • Briefly, explain what you are going to do in the paper. • For example, “Drawing on the life history of so-and-so, I will identify, describe, and explain how social determinants across the life course increase or reduce the risk for heart disease.” • Health & the Life Course • This section constitutes the main body of your paper. Weave together findings from your literature review with findings from your interview. • Begin by explaining the life course approach and why it’s useful for understanding health trajectories. • Organize the remainder of this section around your social determinants and data from the interview itself, using findings from the literature to support or challenge your findings. • Use subheadings to distinguish each determinant • Conclusion • Briefly recap your findings, and explain why they are relevant in the context of public health • Make several recommendations for interventions, policy and/or future research at least 10 articles published in peer-reviewed journals and/or scholarly books. You may complement these with background information from reliable sources such as credible newspaper articles or governmental (e.g., CDC) and non- governmental (e.g., WHO) organization reports. also, I am including the social ecological model as well as a Social determinate of Health you can refer to these two model. only one individual level can be chosen the rest should be higher level.

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