Legal CinsiderationPresentation

Legal CinsiderationPresentation
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Legal issue scenario: A nurse working in a psychiatric emergency room follows the order from a physician to administer a double dose of medication (Ativan 4mg, Haldol 10mg, and Benedryl 100mg) IM to a psychotic violent patient. The nurse does not take the patient’s vital signs before administering the medication nor does he check the vital signs after administering the medication (30 minutes after). Patients in the psychiatric emergency room are to be rounded on every 15 minutes which is documented on a flowsheet. The patient was not rounded on per protocol. The medication was administered at 9am. The nurse is on his way out of the unit to go to lunch at 12noon. He walks past the past the patient’s room and notices that the patient is dead.
Write about the following based on this scenario
• Issues surrounding appropriate documentation.( page 1)
• Nursing practice act requirements.(page 2)
• 2 References within the past 5 years

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