Learning experience

Writing, using software, and interpreting results is a large part of your learning experience. These assignments are designed to improve your use of technology and communication skills. Using proper business English and resources from the library you will comment and share your research with your classmates. Make sure you note your source in proper APA format.

You are a manager at a local accounting firm, and Kate and Sam Smith are your clients. It is the end of the year, and they have come to ask your advice on some tax planning strategies, as well as help preparing their tax return.

Week 1 Writing Assignment Part 1:

This project is split into four (4) parts with one (1) part due each week of the course. Based on your readings, use of technology, research of literature, and other sources do the following:

Week 1: Early next year, Kate and Sam Smith will inherit $200,000. Kate and Sam are trying to decide how to invest this money and have asked you, their tax accountant, to look into some potential investment opportunities. Please see the attached excel spreadsheet, where you will complete the annual after-tax rates of return column for each investment opportunity you have identified. Include a paragraph on the spreadsheet where you list the three basic tax planning strategies, and the features of taxation each of them exploits.

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