learning critique

learning critique

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The assignment has 2 part
I made the first part and I attached it (discussion).

Part 1: Be an activie participant in the Discussion Forum/Topics on Blackboard site(scroll down to sign up to your chosen topic to lead discussion)
You are required to be an active participant in a minimum of two of the online discussion forum /topics.The discussion should be relevant to the questions posed, entice others to respond or comment, and be supported by relevant current literature and evidence. You are also required to be a lead contibutor to one of the discussion forums and in this one provide and attach one (1) relevant and additional reading that supports your discussion, so others may expand their reading for the topic.

For the Discussion forum that you take the lead, your initial post should be 250 – 300 words then up to 200 words in your replies to others to address their queries or expand on their comments. (Note: do not make your posts longer than 300 words as it may deter participants from engaging in and responding to your post). An exemplar of a post (and several responses) is displayed in an attachement (above).This forum is an example only.

Note: As the strength of the discussion forum topic is based on participation of your peers, you should be prepared to be involved in responding to other students’ comments, hence the minimum of two discussion forum /topics (different topics). This is to ensure robust discussion covering all topics and areas of the unit.
So the rules of engagment for the discussion forum include:
• Participate: Actively participate in discussion activities; this is your learning opportunity.
• Respond: Monitor activity and respond to conversations and topics that relate to you.
• Add value: Avoid repeating comments by making sure you read previous posts. Try to add depth to a discussion rather than simply agreeing to what has been said.
• Contribute: Make a knowledgeable contribution to the discussion by ensuring that you have completed the readings and thought about the issues.
• Reference: Provide references to materials that you have used – cite and link to your sources wherever possible..
• Question and Support: Ask questions that probe and will shed new light on a topic. Support your peers rather than devaluing their contribution. You may disagree with ideas, but refrain from personal attacks.
The above is about the first part that what I made it.

The next part : that what you will write.
Activity 2: Critique of your learning from your lead discussion forum/topic
You are required to critique your management of the discussion. You will critically appraise your management referring to teaching and learning concepts with reference to literature.

Your critical discussion should focus on the discussion forum/topic that you were the lead in. Your critique should include the following aspects:
1. • Proposed a unique perspective and application of the topic to the clinical environment
2. • Critical justification use of the evidence and other literature chosen to explore your topic
3. • Discuss the relevance and impact of the article you chose to attach to support discussion
4. • Justification of your choice of strategies to enhance peers’ thinking and learning about the topic, and how your peers comments influenced your own perspective
5. • Communication and collaboration you had with others, and strategies you employed during your discussion, to encourage your peers to participate; and comment on the effectiveness of the approaches used
6. • Identification of factors (from the discussion) that specifically influence the role of education in the clinical context and how those factors may impact on clinical learning
7. • Critical reflection of the impact of online discussion forums in developing and supporting peer learning
8. • Appropriate reference to the discussion board postings to illustrate points made throughout your critique

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