leading and leadership

leading and leadership
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This week’s article (with apologies for my over-reliance on HBR, Forbes and the New York Times for current thinking about leading and leadership) i will upload later, suggests to me that a person’s ability to facilitate groups and her/his emotional intelligence positively correlated with effective leadership in modern organizations.

For this week’s short-response essay, assume that the three authors’ ideas are valid, or argue that they are not.

Then, based on your position and these ideas(please check my position background), propose how you interact and lead, using your understanding about team efficacy.

Please note: do not focus on simply re-telling the ideas in the article. Instead, build upon these ideas with your own “operating instructions” for your own leadership.

Bringing in additional sources from your research, and/or personal evidence, generally contributes to a good essay.

important: read article and background then write this papers. no simple re-telling.

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