Leadership Porfolio assignment

Leadership Porfolio assignment

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The objective of the Personal Leadership Portfolio assignment is for you to learn about your leadership
skills from people with whom you have worked in the past.
You are required to connect with at least 5 individuals (and up to 30) who have been your subordinates,
supervisors / managers, or colleagues and ask them about your strengths and weaknesses as a leader.
You can approach this assignment as a series of interviews or by developing a survey and using a tool
such as surveymonkey.com. If you chose the interview route, you can have fewer (at least 5) responses.
If you choose the survey route you should have more respondents (at least 10) to provide you with some
good insights.
You will need to prepare questions about your leadership skills for your respondents to answer. You can
prepare structured questions or you can prepare more open ended / discussion questions. The decision is
yours and should be based on your respondent preferences.
There are a number of surveys throughout your text book – you can use these surveys as a guide to
create questions for this assignment. You can also create entirely new questions that are relevant and
meaningful to you. You should begin this assignment sufficiently early so that you have the time to
prepare the questions, select the appropriate individuals, have them respond, and for your analyze
the responses.
Once your respondents have provided you with answers, you will need to take these insights and
compare them to what we have learned in class through our case studies, readings, text etc.
You will submit your questions, your findings (feedback from respondents), and your conclusions based
on this feedback and areas for personal improvement. You can do this in the form of a PowerPoint, a
video, or a word document. The report should be reflective and provide candid insights into your own
leadership skills and your learnings as a result of this exercise.
The following are the assignment components:
1. List of questions (interview questions or actual survey)
2. Responses – if through an interview, please submit the actual quotes from the interview; if through a
survey, please submit the actual matrix of responses
3. Findings – key findings of leadership strengths and weaknesses
4. Personal Insights – key personal insights – do you agree with the findings, if yes, why; if no, why not
5. Course of Action – how will you address the findings? What will you do differently starting next


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