Leadership Learning Journals

Journal writing is a critical part of becoming self-aware and developing effective leadership capability. Keeping a journal can help you integrate learning from your reading and class discussions with your previous or current leadership experiences. Each week you will be assigned a reflective exercise and a self-assessment to help you learn more about yourself, as a leader. The reflective exercise will be posted in the course materials section of Canvas. The reflective journals will become input for your Leadership Self-Assessment due the last week of the course.

Assignment Objectives

Students will be able to connect personal experiences with each aspect of the course, citing course readings, lectures, and discussions.
Students will be able to follow their personal progress as a leader by analyzing and reflecting on each module’s content and activities.
Through the leadership learning journals, students will recognize obstacles and strengths to their own development as a leader, as well as identifying solutions or plans on how to overcome those obstacles or develop those strengths.
This assignment fulfills the course objective of understanding through lecture materials and readings, students will incorporate leadership theories to create a personal leadership model and definition. Students will also relate leadership theory and practice to personal experiences and examples through class discussion, personal reflection, and research to fulfill implementation.

Essential Components
These journals, while reflective in nature, should be clear and concise, as these will be used as reference
points for you as you move through the Leadership program.

Think about the following when writing your journals:
• Readings or discussions that surprised you or changed an opinion you previously held
• Connections you made to your personal and professional life
• What are leadership models I value and identify with?
• What strengths do I have that will help facilitate my development as a leader?
• How do others model leadership skills? How do I model these?

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