Leadership issue

Identify a current or ongoing leadership issue or problem that you have experienced or observed in the educational world; this should be a real problem.

  1. Based on the problem identified above, identify changes that you would
    make to leadership to address the problem. Provide the following:
  2. Title
  3. Context of the site: type of organization, level, categories, subjects,
    responses to need, background notes we need to know for why you
    are recommending this leadership change or decision.
  4. Who is it a problem for? Teachers, parents, schools, districts, the
    public, etc.
  5. Why is a change necessary? Goals and aims: intentions, objectives
    of the leadership project- theme
  6. What is needed to make the change? Human resources, equipment,
    materials needed in order to carry out the leadership change.
  7. What would the change involve? (e.g., design, development,
    implementation, evaluation (formative, summative, participant
    involvement in evaluation), timeline/schedule?)
  8. Possible significance, challenges, and benefits of the change.
  9. Potential allies or groups with similar interests in solving this

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