Leadership approaches

Chances are that you are planning to be a leader in your career (maybe, you already are). Knowing how to answer why a leader is adept or weak will inevitably make you a stronger leader.

In this assessment, you will evaluate your leadership abilities in a job application questionnaire.

Use the following to complete this assessment.

Western Medical Application Questionnaire [PDF].
Application Questionnaire Response Template [DOCX].
After exploring online job postings, you submitted an application and resume to Western Medical Enterprises. A few days later you received the following e-mail:

Western Medical HR E-mail
Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in employment at Western Medical Enterprises. We have received your application packet. The next step for all candidates is to provide a narrative response to the questions in the attached document. Please return your completed document to me.

Once we receive your responses, we will review them and notify you of the next steps.

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