Leadership and Strategy

Leadership and Strategy

Part 1: (should have its own reference)

Based on the case study, “Service Redesign at South Devon Hospital Trust”” answer the following 2 questions:

1. With reference to the literature on leadership, critically explore the leadership approaches demonstrated by the Fiona Jenkins.
( include following :
A. demonestrate understanding of theory supported with evidence based ( no need long explaination of theory \ no need summarize case studey only one sentence , give summarry of theory or extract from theory what can apply in case )
B. how theory can applied in practice
C. what theory of leadership is reflective in the case
D. References ok if >5 yr ( minimum 8) \ do not use diagram, table, bullet points
E. It should be structured :
a. Introduction: ( 1 paragraph \how will you approch assignment \what theory will you discuss)
b. Body ( main answer assignment \ you may use subheadings )
c. Conclusion ( what have been done )
d. Example approche : ( you may either :1 focus on one theory ex: transformational leadership : say in intro why you focus ? then structured according to 4 I `s OR 2- use all types of theory ( because her case is complex tasks : use example of each theory then say where we apply in her case )
e. Example: ……this theory is best describe style of Jenkins , in this assignment will be talking on transformation & will elaborate on 4 I`s , give example of each I

2. If you had been appointed in Fiona Jenkin’s place, would you have handled things in the same way?
a. Rationale\ use : I , my perspective \ if suggested different approach what theory will you use \ incluro,body,conclusion

Part 2: (should have its own reference)
Using your knowledge of strategic analysis and planning, critically evaluate the strategy of your own organisation. If your organisation does not have a written strategy, obtain and analyse a relevant strategic plan from an organisation that is similar to yours.

– use separate Reference than part 1 \ should have intro, body conclusion

This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment.

Submission guidance:
Please submit a SINGLE document in PDF format meeting the requirements for assignment submission on Moodle

Additional Guidance:
It is recommended that you refer to the following resources to assist you in the design, development, writing, formatting & submitting of your assignment:
Student Handbook, Referencing Guide, The “Information & Library Seeking Skills” online course

Please note:
During your in-class session and thereafter via your VLE course site we will be providing additional insight & guidance to support your assignment.
Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this module students will be able to:
1. Appraise the importance of leadership in organisations and contrast the functions of leadership and management.
2. Critique various traditional, new and modern leadership models and critically assess the strengths and weaknesses of those models in applied settings.
3. Evaluate the concept of situational leadership and demonstrate the importance of flexibility in leadership style.
4. Conduct an in-depth analysis of their preferred leadership style and consider its implications for their work and for the development of their leadership capability.
5. Interpret the concept of strategy and describe the formulation and implementation of strategic plans.
6. Evaluate the impact of the external and internal environmental factors on strategy and change management and conduct a strategic analysis on their organisations and its environment using a variety of tools.

Hi All
In preparation for the assignment we felt that it would be worth while providing you with some information to confirm the requirements, I have also included a check list that you may find helpful.
The Part 1 of the assignment related to the “Service Redesign at South Devon Hospital Trust” case study. You are required to address both elements – critically explore the leadership approach of Fiona Jenkins and discuss how you might have handled things. In the first element you need to demonstrate a general understanding of key debates and aspect of leadership. However, I would suggest that you select a leadership approach that you feel is relevant to help frame your answer. For example this could be transformational leadership using the 4 I’s or authentic leadership the four components (note you are not restricted to these examples). You should critically explore how Fiona Jenkins fits (or not) the approach you have selected. You should include examples from the case and support the discussion with reference to the literature.
In the second element of Part 1 you should consider if a different approach could be used. You could use a different leadership approach to help structure this elements or use the same approach but address any weaknesses that you identified in Fiona Jenkins’ approach. Again you should make use of the literature to help inform the discussion and to demonstrate depth and breadth of reading and understanding. This element can be written using the first or third person style. However, remember to use the literature to construct and support your argument and avoid stating your unsupported personal opinion.

Part 2 is largely self-explanatory but the following may assist you in producing your assignement:

The main requirement here is that you demonstrate that you kow and understand the basic principles of strategic analysis, planning and implementation. Think about it as if you were a management consultant asked to look at the strategic plan:- what would your analysis be? You should demonstrate that you are familiar with some of the basic tools used to formulate and implement strategy. If your organisation does not have a strategic plan or if you are not currently employed, obtain a strategic plan online from a relevant healthcare organisation. Many of these can be found online. Indicate why you have chosen the particular organisation. You have 2000 words for this part of the assignment – we will accept references as additional to that so that you have scope to use the full 2000 words in dealing with the question. You will obtain higher grades if you demonstrate that you have read widely about strategiy and you reference a broader range of papers that those provided to you on the VLE. This will be essential for honours grades.

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