Key Factors in a Successful Crisis Negotiation

Adalee and Dior have been in an exclusive relationship for the past three years. Last month, Adalee asked Dior to marry her and Dior said no. Since then, Adalee has become increasingly possessive and suspicious that Dior is seeing someone else. Despite Dior’s explanation that she just is not ready for marriage and assurances that she is not interested in anyone else, Adalee has begun following her and is now convinced that Dior is having a relationship with her supervisor at work. Adalee purchased a handgun and 300 rounds of ammunition last weekend; today, she walked into Dior’s place of employment and refuses to allow Dior, her supervisor, or seven other employees go until she “gets some answers.” You are the primary negotiator on the scene for the police. So far, you have opened a line of communication with Adalee through her cell phone and she has demanded that the police stay away. She has also asked for some pizza and some beer.

What are four key factors involved in a successful crisis negotiation and how would you apply them in this case?
Why do you feel they would be effective? Please respond to these questions in a 2- to 3-page paper.

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