Keep space flexible and materials open

Chapter 4- Keep space flexible and materials open-ended You will nee dthe book Designs for Living and Learning: Transforming Early Childhood Environments Book by Deb Curtis and Margie Carter. i do not have the book

Look inside… what do you see?

The environment sends messages… want kind of messages do you want to send? What kind of resources and materials do you need? Not just about being cute, it is about the aesthetic yet developmentally appropriateness.

Please discuss the following:

After reading this chapter, please share two specific(2) topics that you found to be the most motivating and inspiring (DO NOT just provide the main headings from a section of the text). What are some of the new ideas that could be meaningful and useful?
What about these topics interested you? Again, be specific
How will you use the knowledge in your virtual student teaching or in the future in the classroom? If you have already used this knowledge, please share your experience. (Be specific – don’t just say it will help you be a wonderful teacher)

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