Jung’s and Levinson’s theories of Finding Balance

Headings and subheadings are required.
The length of the paper should be at least two (2) full pages in length. The cover and reference pages are not
included in the page count. APA format, Times-New Romans, 12-point font.
Who are the major theorist(s) for each theory?
Identify the academic background of each theorist (e.g. sociologist(s), social worker(s), psychiatrist(s)
educator(s), etc.)
Where and how was the theory first utilized?
Identify the following for each theory:
What is the focus of theory?
What are the major concepts?
What practice interventions are associated with the theory?
What practice applications are associated with the theory?
Does the theory discuss the inclusion or exclusion of race, class, and gender? (Explain)?
Locate one journal article on the assigned theory and write a two-page summary identify the following:
Research questions/hypotheses
Research method
Summarize the discussion
Attach the reference page
Articles must be peer-reviewed, scholarly sources
Wikipedia, Blogs (i. e. Simply Psychology) will not be accepted

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