J.V.N Yates

The Historical Figure for this Ad will be: J.V.N. Yates
To connect the history of social work and social work policy with the development of the social work profession
understanding instrumental persons that contributed to both. Making these connections will allow for the
identification and understanding of the recurring themes embedded in historical and current social welfare
*Part 1: The Advertisement
This is a one page “advertisement” on your historical figure. It should give the reader a comprehensive
snapshot what this figure contributed to social work, the context in which they lived, what motivated this
person, etc.
Create a one-page advertisement on your historical figure that includes:

  • A general overview of the context in which the person lived and worked.
  • The biggest contribution (if the figure had many) to social welfare policy and/or the social work profession.
  • What was this person known for as it relates to social work? This is where your accurateness and your
    research will come into play.
  • The values that informed their work and motivated them.
  • Use a minimum of 3 academic sources (NO Wikipedia, NO magazines, and NOT the history text). These
    include peer-reviewed journal articles, other books and government data.
    · Include at least one picture in your advertisement. Do not simply use bullets. Be creative…this as supposed
    to “advertise” your figure and get others to read your ad.

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