IT System Recommendation

write an eight-to ten-page research report (typed, doublespaced) in which you describe a company of your choice, the nature of its business, a specific
product or service, and how that product or service is produced and distributed by the company
and then recommend the information technology system you think should be in place and why.
Address the following questions in narrative form (according to APA style). Be sure to provide
examples and supporting rationale throughout the paper.
Company Background and Information Systems
What is the name, nature of business, and specific products or services of your chosen
How are the products or services produced and distributed by the company?
Why are information systems essential in managing the organization’s business?
Describe the existing information systems supporting the major business functions of the
organization (e.g., sales and marketing, manufacturing and production, accounting, human
resources, etc.)
Information Technology Recommendation
What is your recommendation for the information technology systems you think should be in
place and why? Your recommendation should include the following:
Information needs:
What types of decisions do users need to make by accessing the information systems?
What are the different levels of information groups?
Need for system automation

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