Isolation for an infectious disease.

Mary Smith has just reported for duty and is reviewing the patients she will have during the evening shift. One of them, Ida Monroe, is on isolation for an infectious disease. Dr. Jerome, comes into the nursing station around 2100 after making hospital rounds to see his patients. He tells Mary that he noticed that one of his neighbors, Ida Monroe is a patient, and he would like to review her medical chart. Mary starts to give him the chart and then realizes the Dr. Jerome is not Ida’s physician. Dr. Jerome says not to worry about it, as he has take care of the rest of Ida’s family for years and is sure that Ida will want him to consult on her case. When Mary hesitates to give him the chart, Dr. Jerome says that he will report her to her nursing supervisor. He walks over to pick up the chart.

a. Should Mary give Ida’s medical chart to Dr. Jerome? Why or why not?

b. What should Mary say to Dr. Jerome?

c. What should Mary do if Dr. Jerome continues to insist on seeing Ida’s chart?

d. What ethical principles are involved in this case?

e. What legal regulations are involved in this case?

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