Islamic tradition

Consider the Code of Hammurabi and the selections already assigned from the Islamic tradition (that is, only the selections from and commentary on the Qur’an and the Hadith that are labeled Ritual 1 and Ritual 2). When we read these texts the first time, the rules, duties, and obligations that are set forth and described in these two assignments may well seem to cover very different subjects and to serve very different purposes. And indeed there are many differences to be found in the concerns and approaches reflected in these texts.

For this assignment, however, consider instead whether there may be any zones of possible similarity and/or overlap between the problems addressed and the goals advanced by the rules, duties, and obligations seen in these two sources. Do you see any areas of common concern and common purpose? Why or why not?

To explain and support your conclusions, you must use and cite evidence from the assigned texts; do not use any other readings or sources except for statements from lecture and discussion section. (And keep references to lecture and section statements to an absolute minimum: this assignment is an exercise involving your own thinking about the readings, so reliance on the analysis of others in lecture and section should not be necessary and, in any case, should not be a substantial part of your presentation.) You may not do any outside research or use the work of any other person regarding the texts or the events and circumstances that they address. Include in-text citations for all sources used. Avoid including lengthy quotes. Instead, paraphrase and explain the relevance and significance of the selected passages in your own words as much as possible.

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