Is outsourcing of low paid jobs to developing countries for workers in such countries?

Is outsourcing of low paid jobs to developing countries for workers in such countries?

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Is the outsourcing of low-paid jobs to developing countries a strictly positive development for workers in such countries? Clarify your position by reference to notable industrial relations incidents or economic developments from the last decade.

For both these essays you need to evaluate the information that you offer, in order to develop your points into a useful academic analysis. You will need to use clear examples and fully cited/referenced source materials to support your arguments within the areas you have chosen.

1. Make a full analysis of the title. This will help you to understand what you need to do and will ensure your outline answers the task effectively.

2. Hand in a clear outline for your essay. Your outline must be clearly organised into sections according to the demands of the essay title. Each section must have a clear heading, with notes indicating the kind of information you expect to put into each section, even though you have not carried out all of your research yet.

3. For your outline you should use at least 3 reputable and reliable sources to support the points you make (4 for Pre-Master’s). Remember to indicate which sources you will use for each section and to add a list of references (bibliography) at the end of your outline.

Once you have received feedback on your outline, you need to continue researching from both reputable and reliable web and paper-based sources. Find these source materials (a minimum of 6 for IFY/IY1 and a minimum of 10 for Pre-Masters) to support the points you wish to make. At least two of your chosen sources should be paper based books or journals.

4. Make sure you record the information you need from your reading for the list of references.

5. Write the assignment, making sure that all source material has been used safely and is appropriately referenced.
6. Your work should be word-processed and double-spaced. Please use “Arial” or “Times New Roman” font size 12. Use the word count facility on your PC, not including your title page or reference list.
The following advice will help you to produce a strong piece of work:
Your work should be appropriately structured, with a clear introduction, well-organised main body and clear closing paragraph. When you have decided on the ideas you will use in your essay, consider very carefully the most logical order you will present them in. Clear ‘signposting’ should be used to make it easy for your reader to understand where you are and where you are going.
Do not use sub-titles: clear transitional language should lead your reader from one section to the next. The structure of the main body should follow the organisational statement (route map) you offer in your introduction.
Your work must be complete and address all aspects of the title fully. You should show that you understand how to analyse the question in order to plan and develop a relevant and appropriate answer.
Remember that you are required to develop each point in an analytical/critical manner: engage your critical analysis and do not simply state facts. Also, the points YOU want to make must be supported with evidence from source materials wherever possible: this is academically researched work, not simple personal observation.
The titles demand a range of language and structures associated with academic argument, perhaps associated with making useful comparisons, analysing causes and consequences, explaining change and development or expressing opinions and offering solutions.
You will need to check your work very carefully for academic style and sentence grammar, as well as word-form errors and use of appropriate sentence connectors. It must be easy to read your work without too many places where your meaning is unclear.
Remember: sources should only be used to support the points that you make, and should not just be lifted and pasted into your work without clear connection with your points, or without appropriate acknowledgement. Use the formulae we study in class.
Your work must be word-processed in “Arial” or “Times new Roman” size 12 font, double spaced and presented in a secure plastic folder (not a pocket), with the pages securely attached but NOT in individual pockets.
Your work must have a title page which contains the title in full, word count (not including the title page or list of references), date of submission, your name, course, and tutor’s name. Any graphs or tables should be included as appendices and NOT pasted into the main body of the text.

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