Investment Analysis

Trading on the Stock Market

Form a group of 3 to 4 students
You will be investing a budget of $100,000 in the stock market using the trading simulation website: (see link in page 2).
You are required to place a variety of orders: market order, limit order, stop buy and stop loss.
Your trading strategy should be built on:

  • Technical analysis. Example: MA, MACD, volume and RSI.
  • You should also keep an eye on economic data, companies’ news and analysts’ reports as these could affect your trading decisions and momentum.
  • You need to carefully select your stocks (and/or mutual funds) based on the above analysis and choose their weights (around 7 to 10 stocks).
    Your report should describe the strategies used from a theoretical standpoint and discuss how you applied them.
    You will be evaluated on the strategies used, execution of the trades, your portfolio performance and supportive evidence.
    Your report should include a discussion on:
  • Strategies and indicators used
  • Market Analysis
  • Industry and stock analysis
  • Stock selection and weights
  • Conclusion: Discuss the performance of your portfolio and what worked well and what did not work and you could improve during your next trading.
    Your report should also include the following appendices:

  1. Screenshots of the indicators used in your technical analysis as part of your final report.
  2. An Excel sheet summarizing the trades.

Please submit both the word report (.docx) and the excel file with all your work on Moodle (through Turnitin).

Data Sources
FactSet database, available in CUD trading room and in the library


  1. Provide a minimum of 6 references. These references should not include any Wikipedia references. Use our Online resources Center such as EBSCO Databases.
  2. Reference – use APA referencing style.

Link for the class contest:

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