Investigate the effects of the key discoveries in Science since 1800?

Investigate the effects of the key discoveries in Science since 1800?

provide an essay plan for the following :Essay title 2

Investigate the effects of the key discoveries in Science since 1800?

Aim: To demonstrate your skills in researching and referencing a subject and developing this information into an appropriate essay plan.

• You DO NOT have to write the essay.

You only have to provide a plan outlining the material that you would use, correctly referenced.
• To make it manageable, concentrate on 2/3 (maximum) major individual disasters or key discoveries.
• Your research should focus on the root causes or effects and not historical detail; you will be marked down for including material which is merely historical detail or irrelevant to the essay title.
• Marking will reflect the efforts made to access a variety of academic information sources including at least 5 or 6 academic texts; you should aim for around 15 sources in total – make full use of the resources in the University library including text books, engineering and science journals and online material. Non-academic sources (e.g. Wikipedia) should not be used. You should choose a limited ammount of information from each source (some quotes and some summarised in your own words) to prove you have read and understood the source. You must then use the correct in text citation to give authority to your chosen information.
• Your plan should total 1500 words in length. You are only allowed to include appropriate and relevant diagrams, photographs, graphs etc. (these will not be counted in the word count).
• All sources must be referenced correctly and a full bibliography included. Work must be presented in a professional manner – proof-read with correct spelling (UK English), grammar and punctuation etc.
• A bibliography that contains a list of references in alphabetical order, written in full using the APA system.
• The work will be word processed .

• Leadership paper. Read a journal article relevant to leadership, and write a two-page double-spaced summary on your understanding of that article.

• Teamwork paper. Write a two-page double-spaced paper to describe your experience working in a team and use the concepts learned in the class to explain the dynamics in your team.
Source: Management, 10th Edition, Daft, R.L. Cengage, South-Western College Publishing
Online version:

• Diversity paper. Please select an organization that is successfully pursuing strategies that include aspects of diversity that have been discussed in the readings or in class.  Management, 10th Edition, Daft, R.L. Cengage, South-Western College Publishing (link placed above)
Write a two page double-spaced paper describing how the diversity-related issues are being addressed and how these tactics are contributing to organizational success. Also, please describe the costs and benefits of these programs.

MNGT 370
The final paper will provide you with an opportunity to use the management knowledge you learned
from this class to analyze the airline Emirates.
You should examine three out of the following aspects for Emirates: the business environment for
the company, globalization, diversity, ethics and corporate social responsibility, leadership,
motivation or teamwork. Also examine the company’s current environments (using a SWOT
analysis), challenges, and give recommendations for the company’s next 5 years and next 10 years.
The typewritten final paper should be double-spaced with 12 point Times New Roman font
and standard 1-inch margins. It should be a minimum of 14 pages excluding exhibits,
references and appendices. Please cite your references in your paper. If you do not know how
to cite references, look at the endnotes of any chapter in your textbook.
So, where do you start?
-Do your research to conduct a SWOT analysis.
-Do your research on three of the aspects of your choosing from the second paragraph above.
– Think about alternative courses of action over the next 5-10 years.
-Give your recommendation on which course of action would be the best and why you
believe it is the best.
Suggested format:
1. Introduction (background)
2. Main statements (issues to be discussed)
3. Critical analyses
a. SWOT analysis
b. Aspect 1
c. Aspect 2
d. Aspect 3
4. Challenges and Alternatives over 5 and 10 year periods
5. Recommendations
6. Summary


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