Introduction to Accounting information system

Q1. How do an organization’s business processes and lines of business affect the design of its AIS? Give 4 examples of how differences among organizations are reflected in their AIS.

Q2. Discuss at least one advantage and one disadvantage of stating well-defined corporate strategies in the annual report

Q3. Some individuals argue that accountants should focus on producing financial statements and leave the design and production of managerial reports to information systems specialists. What are the advantages and disadvantages of following this advice? To what extent should accountants be involved in producing reports that include more than just financial measures of performance? Why?

Q4. Do you agree that the most effective way to obtain adequate system security is to rely on the integrity of company employees? Why or why not? Does this seem ironic? What should a company do to ensure the integrity of its employees?

Q5. What motives do people have for hacking? Why has hacking become so popular in recent years? Do you regard it as a crime? Explain your position.

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