Interpersonal lyrics project

(1) the summary of the song (2) research the inspiration for the song/what lead the artist(s) to write it – Parts (1) & (2) must be properly cited using APA
style. See APA style guide for proper in-text citations and reference page. (7-10 sentences: no more than 3 of your sentences should be direct quotes)
For the 3 concepts you chose, do the following for each one: (keep the labels)
Concept/theory & Chapter Name: [10 points]
Definition/explanation of the concept/theory as it applies to interpersonal communication: Make sure the definition/explanation is in your words ranging
between 1-2 sentences.
Lyrics from song: Copy & paste the lyrics that relate to the concept
L and put them in “ ”
Explanation of concept/theory in the context of the song: Relate the song lyrics to the concept/theory, making the connection between the two explicit. In
this part, you are answering the following question: Why does this concept/theory relate to the chosen lyrics?
Any information that is not your own interpretation – explanation of the song by the artist, music critic, etc. – must be cited appropriately (APA style). (3-5
Summary of the song through an interpersonal lens: [5 points]
Based on the 3 concepts/theories you applied to the song, summarize the song’s meaning in a new light. Make sure you take into consideration all 3
concepts/theories (each of these should be mentioned in your summary). (5-7 sentences)
Reference page [10 points]

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