Internet-Facing Security and E-Commerce

The convenience and ease of online shopping can be difficult to resist. Being able to access massive retailers, such as Amazon, on any mobile device or computer makes it simple to browse and purchase products. Some retailers allow for 1-click purchases, which enables a user to click a single button to complete a purchase. When users purchase with this option, the retail site has all of the user’s personal information stored in its system: name, address, retailer-based subscriptions, credit card information, etc. Many of us are willing to potentially sacrifice the security of our private and sensitive information for ease of use, convenience, and expedited processes.
For this week’s discussion, consider internet-facing security, as well as the risks and vulnerabilities that are associated with internet-facing IT systems. Should you reference any internal or external resource, remember to cite your sources appropriately.
In your initial post, address the following:
• Why is it important to secure the internet-facing side of an IT system?
• Name an internet-facing security component that an e-commerce site could implement to protect and secure its internet-facing IT system.
In response to two of your peers, answer the following:
• What about your peers’ proposed security components makes them viable?
• Recommend an additional security component to further the dialogue.

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