: International Environmental Law

Topic: International Environmental Law

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International Environmental Law
Coursework topic and requirements
Write a report critically analysing the application of international law to any one area of the environment.
Post graduate standard
the area of research can be a small part of a larger area of environmental concern, or it can relate to a particular locality, or it can focus on a specific example of how law is applied: what is essential is that the report contains in-depth analysis of the topic.

Learning Outcomes Assessed
1. Review the international law relating to environmental protection and pollution control.
2. Detail the application of particular international, regional and bi-national conventions relating to specific aspects of environment protection and pollution control.
3. Appreciate the roles of international and intergovernmental agencies, advisory bodies and non-governmental organisations in formulating, implementing and enforcing specific environmental protection.
4. Understand and critically evaluate key principles and theories of international environmental law.
Referencing system
Additional Requirements
Assessment criteria
• clearly written, coherently structured and well-referenced presentation;
• evidence of individual research;
• depth of analysis of the subject matter;
• and objective justification of points argued and personal views expressed.

Please the writer should choose an area of environmental law from these topics below most convenient to write on and ill communicate with the writer to decide if it’s most suitable. thanks.

Teaching commencing 19/01/15
week 1 Introduction: Environmental threats at the international level, environmental protection law.
week 2 The international legal framework: sources of law
and the institutions involved.
week 3 Rights and enforcement: methods of dispute settlement and rights of states and their citizens.
Basic principles and types of regulation.
week 4,Water: International watercourses, marine pollution, sea-bed exploitation, fisheries regulation.
week 5. Air: Transboundary air pollution, the global atmosphere, outer space.
week 6. Waste: Hazardous substances + activities, radioactivity, transboundary movement, dumping.
week 7; Nature conservation and bio diversity

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