International Business Venture

Create an international business or international venture outside of the U.S. (e.g., export/import, franchising, manufacturing, joint venture, etc.)
o Define the name, nature of the business, and brief background of the company and industry. Be sure this venture is created and is unique and innovative.
o State the specific target market for the venture.
• Create a strategic plan that includes the following (in any order you decide):
o An analysis of the competitive advantage of your venture (Why will it be successful?).
o A PESTLE analysis, or a similar business analysis process, of the host country.
o A 6- to 12-month timeline of your venture’s expansion.
o A list of SMART goals.
o A summary of startup human resources and marketing concepts.
o A SWOT analysis of the venture that evaluates at least four challenges and advantages and/or opportunities and threats (e.g., cross-cultural, foreign currency, legal, etc.).
▪ Suggest recommendations to overcome the challenges and threats from the SWOT you conducted.

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