Interior design research on transformable furniture/ small space interior

Interior design research on transformable furniture/ small space interior

Paper details:

It should be a topic that I hope to learn more about, and for which I can identify ways of exploring in depth. I will survey this topic through a wide range of primary and secondary sources, developing a proposal for original research.

This proposal will inform my work in Honours Year. A research proposal is a plan for future research; it is not a finished project in itself, but it does require a lot of preliminary investigation in order to prove that the proposal is valid. In the proposal, I need to explain in detail and justify the methodology that will be applied in conducting the research, and critically examine the sources available to me (explaining what kinds of information they can provide and how they might be analysed). A research proposal should demonstrate a strong grasp of the field of inquiry and the possibilities for new knowledge.

The research proposal should include the following,
– a specific research question, or a clear statement of aim
– a review of existing literature that touches on (or relates to) your topic, identifying typical interpretations and arguments, and gaps in knowledge
– a specific and detailed statement of the methods you will use
– an analysis of source material (texts, artefacts, sites, etc.), including commentary on the nature of these sources and their value to the project
– discussion of relevant theory that might underpin the analysis of sources or help to define the methodology
– indication of the potential results and the significance of the proposed study, including commentary on the originality of this research in relation to exiting literature

Include citations of course readings and other texts about relevant research methods and themes/ debates in Design Studies. Remember that the reference list you include clearly displays the scope of your investigation, and should be used to demonstrate your knowledge of design research practices generally, as well as your topic specifically.

Please take note to provide the paper in MHRA style.

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