Interest groups

Interest groups
Interest groups provide an important link between citizens and their elected representatives. Because these groups are often devoted to one issue or one set of issues, they are able to devote a large amount of time to monitoring government activities related to their issue and communicate to elected officials the viewpoint of their members. For this assignment, you need to create your own interest group. Remember that interest groups, while they may undertake activities of their own, tend to focus on influencing government to change a particular policy.

Think of an issue that you believe needs to be addressed or a policy that needs to be changed. How will you organize your group and entice people to join? How do you plan on overcoming the free rider issue? After you have gained sufficient membership, how will you persuade government to undertake the changes you are advocating for?

In your paper, address the following:

-What issue or policy will you organize your interest group around?
-What is the significance of that issue or policy? Why does it need to be changed?
-What do you think the policy should be changed to?
-How will you get people to join? In other words, how will you overcome the free rider problem?
-How will you persuade government to take you seriously and change the policy? What methods will you use? What might be the pros and cons of the different methods you’re thinking about?

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