Web Application Development
The purpose of this project is to demonstrate your ability to apply some of the skills that you have learned by creating a real-world web design project using various tools and methodologies, including Visual Basic .NET controls.
Website Design
Create an ASP.NET web application to be used as a loan calculator. The textboxes used to input data (loan amount, repayment period in months, and interest rate) should be checked for valid entries. A button should be used to call a payment function that calculates the monthly payment and displays the result in a label. An additional button should be used to reset or clear all the textboxes and the label. Create a link for “Help” that displays instructions for using this loan calculator. The data in each box must be appropriately formatted (e.g., $50,000 or $2,345). The layout should be clear, easy to read, and logical in sequence. Use colors to enhance the presentation. This application must be accessed and function through a web browser. WRITER MUST DOCUMENT THE DESIGN. WRITER MUST UPLOAD THE COMPLETED ORDER IN MICROSOFT WORD AND ZIP FILE.

Rubric Name:

Criteria    Level 5
5 points    Level 4
4 points    Level 3
3 points    Level 2
2 points    Level 1
1 point
Program meets requirements outlined in the assignment and runs without errors. It doesn’t crash or produce unexpected results.    Requirements were followed and all expectations were met. The program complies and funs and contains all of the requested features.    Most of the requirements were met but the program fell short of meeting all requirements and expectations. Some parts of the program needed additional functionality to completely meet expectations of the assignment description.    Significant amount of the requiremetns were missing from the implementation.    The program did not compile but it could have if some of the errors were corrected.    The program did not compile or run. The source code was very incomplete and non-functioning.
User interface is visually appealing, designed well for the user and follows current standards.    The user interface is useable and is very easy to follow and understand.    The user interface worked and included all of the necessary components but it was difficult to navigate and it was difficult to find certain components.    The user interface was difficult to navigate or use. Some options were not clear or easy to find.    The user interface was missing significant options and features.    The user interface was not complete or working properly. It was difficult to tell what was implemented and what was missing.
Best use of Visual Basic Language. The code is straightforward, properly indented, use of white space and proper naming conventions are used for variables and objects.    The source code is well designed and does not contain any bugs or issues.    The source code was written in Visual Basic and ASP.NET but some of the functionality was hard to follow. The implementation did not make efficient use of the language constructs or features.    The program was not straight forward. That is, it was hard to find implemented details and the source code logic was confusing.    The source code was incomplete and did not function per requirements.    The code was not created to work with the user interface. Most of the source code implementation was missing.
Code is extensively commented and variables are explicitly defined.    The source code contains a sufficient level of comments and all variables were explicity defined.    There were some areas were comments wree missing. Some variables were not clearly defined or used correctly.    Little to no comments were provided. Not all variables were used correctly.    No comments were provided. Some variables were defined but not used correctly.    No comments were written in the source code. No variables were explicitly defined or used in the program.
Overall Score    Level 5
14 or more    Level 4
11 or more    Level 3
8 or more    Level 2
5 or more    Level 1
0 or more

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