(Initial Lit. Rev., History, & Critical Assessment of an IC Concept/Issue)

Topic: (Initial Lit. Rev., History, & Critical Assessment of an IC Concept/Issue)

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The assignment is :
the essay will require that you focus on a critical question, issue, application, intercultural or cross cultural, concept that help you to orient and/or relate to the course readings and discussions.
In the essay, you are encouraged to use creativity, research, and good rhetorical skills to question, establish parameters/frame, edit,argue, and respond to the questions or issues assigned for it . The essay should not be strict opinion but
rather effective rhetorical argument. Your arguments and focus should be supported with a minimum of 10 outside sources (note: a good place to find these sources is in the References of the journal article readings; additionally,
see the syllabus recommended list of authors to investigate).
the essay should contain 5-7 pages of content (maximum) with additional formal Title Page and References list, all in appropriate APA style guidelines. See APA type current CMST academic journals as models. Your questions of focus for the Academic Essay include the following:
Academic Essay #: What intercultural communication construct, phenomenon, theory, cultural communication
issue do you find interesting and worthy of study? Why? (Use these guiding questions to conduct an initial literature/concept review as well as to lay out the history, importance, and critical assessment of the IC focus.

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