ING Direct Canada

ING Direct Canada

Create a current state map for the mailroom operation for categories 1-3 (page 6). Start your value stream map with delivery of the mail to ING.

Additional information:
• Assume 1000 pieces of mail for your inventory calculations
• Receiving and transporting the mail to the mailrooms take 5 min each
• Creating the calculator tapes takes 5 minutes, in 20% of the cases the totals of the two tapes are different
• Manual verification takes 1 minute, totals are rarely wrong.
• Use a weighted average for the processing time of CIFing
• You do not have to calculate total lead time and processing time since some of the processes are performed at the same time, but you need to show the timeline.
• Show how you calculated your times

Image you would present your value stream map to your boss.
• Pencil is ok, sloppy is not !!!
• Spell-check your work

Value Stream Mapping Current State

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