Informative speech.

For this assignment you will be asked to research and provide 3 authoritative sources from different locations on the topic you have chosen for your informative speech. For your speech you are required to have 3 authoritative sources, where at least 2 are coming from a newspaper, magazine, or journal. This assignment will help you build the research for your speech.

The topic of your speech needs to be written at top of page.
You should have three sources.
Each source should include two paragraphs under a heading which states what type of source it is (see example below). Format each source like this:
An APA citation for the source (Use the APA Citation Guide from the Orientation Module.).

One paragraph that summarizes the information you plan to use from this source

One paragraph evaluating the source for credibility. Look back to the page on Authoritative Evidence to help you create your response. When evaluating for credibility, make sure you consider the source (publishers and author), source bias, currency, and credibility of the facts/statistic.

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