Informational Handout

Informational Handout

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• Prepare a 2 page informational handout for teachers who will be teaching a student with autism for the first time. It can be in a handout type format or brochure format. You should include graphics (can download online using clip art or from websites) to help make the handout/brochure more interesting.

• You must include information on the following topics:

a. The characteristics (social, behavioral, and communication).

b. A short description of environmental planning/strategies and a short description of behavioral interventions. The intervention strategies must be simple and clear so that parents or new teachers without special education knowledge can use these strategies.

c. Language should be simple for the teacher to understand. Avoid technical terms such FBA, echolalia, PBS, ABA, etc.

d. Avoid writing too long paragraphs. These descriptions can be in bulleted form but need to help the teacher gain some quick knowledge about what to do in the classroom.

e. The brochure or handout must be attractive and designed well to catch attention of the reader. Include graphics.

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