information systems in health

information systems in health
An essay:
The essay should describe and critique the computerised heath information system, specifically CRIS ( within a NHS hospital in england.

Use topics from the lectures to structure a description of the system. You may want to include information on aspects, such as the motivation for the system, the typical users of the system and their information needs, the business processes (or human activities) that the system is being used to support, operational challenges faced by the system, the inputs, process and outputs of the system, sub-systems, how the system interacts with other systems (i.e., its political, social and economic environment), the strategic goals of the system, how the system fits within the national (and/or international) healthcare context, and key technologies used in the supporting infrastructure.

You should also provide a critical assessment of the success (or failure) of the system, potential limitations or weaknesses of the system and potential future improvements. You should engage with relevant literature (especially research literature) within your essay, particularly in describing the background of healthcare information systems and your specific selected domain/system. You should also engage with the following articles in your discussion, particularly with respect to the impacts of and challenges facing the development of healthcare information systems, including the system you have selected:

The Royal Society (2006) Digital healthcare: the impact of information and communication technologies on health and healthcare:

Haux, R. (2006) Health Information Systems, International Journal of Medical Informatics, 75, 268-281.

only use peer reviewed journals from the uk newer than 2010

secondary referenncing only

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