Infer China’s strategic interests in adopting vaccine diplomacy.


Vaccine diplomacy can be defined as a branch of global health diplomacy that relies on the use or delivery of vaccines to gain/keep friends. It is a form of soft power i.e., the ability to obtain preferred outcomes rather than coercion or payment. The COVID-19 pandemic provides opportunities for countries, that are able to produce and export much needed medical supplies, to practise vaccine diplomacy. As wealthy countries scramble to buy up the limited supply of big-name coronavirus vaccines, China is stepping in to offer its homegrown vaccines to poorer countries. InferChina’s strategic interests in adopting vaccine diplomacy.

Text: Psychology Core Concepts: Zimbardo, Johnson and Hamilton 7TH EDITION (978-0-205183463) I cant found the text online maybe you can
After viewing the television program and completing the assigned readings, you should be able to:

  1. State the primary interest of developmental psychologists.
  2. Describe the various ways that development is documented, including longitudinal, cross sectional and sequential.
  3. Describe cognitive development across the lifespan.
  4. Identify Piaget’s stages of cognitive development.
  5. Describe some contemporary perspectives on early cognitive development.
  6. Describe physical development across the lifespan.
  7. Describe how habituation studies can be used on infants to determine what they can understand.
  8. Describe several ways that we know infants are not born as blank slates, but instead, come equipped with temperaments, preferences, and biases.
  9. Describe several ways that the environment is known to affect skills and behaviors.

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