Individual research outline

Submit a 1-2 page Outline of your Individual Research
Include the following:

• Your selected reform or innovation including a brief explanation and the areas) of the U.S. health care system (from the list below) you will be examining,
• A list of three or more potential references in APA format, with at least one coming from a peer-reviewed source, and
• A list of your target professionals for informational interviews.

Review the complete Individual Research Project assignment BEFORE submitting your outline.

Critically examine the health care industry (business) impact of a proposed government reform or recent innovation in any of the following areas of the U.S. health care system:
• Health Care Providers and Professionals
• Medical Technology
• Health Care Financing and Reimbursement Models
• Outpatient Services and Primary Care
• Inpatient Services and Hospitals
• Managed Care and Integrated Systems
• Long-Term Care Services
• Populations with Special Health Needs

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