Individual report

Individual report

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The course which is Global Networks and Innovation when you log in you shall find it in my learning and moodle also you can find the companies in Lab03-Group03

you shall use the net draw in this analysis i am sure you are used to this network.
A complete analysis of the dataset provided to you including at least the following network
metrics/analysis (600 words)
o Centrality
o Structural holes/brokerage
o Density and network level measures
o Core-Periphery
o Subgroups
In this analysis you are expected to provide:
o The value of relevant network metrics
o Their interpretation in relation to innovation and business theories as well the specific
nature of the country you analysed which is italy and the industry in which this company operates in .
In analyzing the company Enel spa is my company and is based in Italy ENEL SPA is my Parent/Subsidiary,analysis Deep, critical and structured analysis of the dataset provided to you and you are encouraged to compare your findings withthe ones of other members of your group and other relevant examples – so that you can better capture the interaction of firm, industry and country factors in shaping the strategy of the firm. very important Critical approach The coursework demonstrates critical thinking, with integration of theories with data, and the appreciation of the impact of firm/industry/country specific factors
4. Your overall view on the potential future strategy of the firm, including recommendations for
change and/or potential for new opportunities (300 words)
5. References, according to Harvard style (out of word count).

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