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Individual Report

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Individual Report
The business simulation: a manufacturer of bicycles bases in the Netherlands wants to internationalise its
operations and has appointed you, as a member of the board, to make a series of decisions about market entry.
These decisions will include but are not limited to issues of corporate governance , legal considerations (e.g.
compliance, IP, commercial law); transnational and cross cultural management issues of doing business abroad.
This part of the assessment will address your knowledge and understanding of the substantive areas of
law/corporate governance and cultural management issues.

In what ways might the legal and cultural context of a country impact on the development of the corporate
governance model in a given country?
Write a report on the risks and challenges of opening a business and doing business in each of the three
countries selected (The UK; one European and one international country). The report should show an
understanding of the impact of the legal, political, economic, cultural and governance systems and include
recommendations for strategy

Assessment guidelines (Report)
Areas of substantive analysis and application:
Corporate governance
Legal implications of doing business internationally e.g. ? Compliance ? Intellectual property ? Dispute resolution
Management implications of doing business internationally
Cross cultural management issues ? Expat policy ? Tactical issues: build factories and distribution centres in China, Germany or Brazil?
Risk analysis ? International strategy ? Organisation structures ? Company finance and exchange rates ? PESTEL analysis

please no more than 1500 words or 10%+.

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