: Individual Reflection: Creating Goals for the Blueprint for Professional & Personal Growth Part II

Assignment: Individual Reflection: Creating Goals for the Blueprint for Professional & Personal Growth Part II

This is my discussion in Week 6 Please make sure you read and follow the step need for WK7 assignment

Discussion wk6: Discussion: Shared Practice: Values, Principles, Ethics, and Goals

Based on the survey results, some of the character traits I scored the highest include critical thinking, patience, and leadership.

The values are:

I value thinking critically before making any decision at work.

I value patience since it ensures that all important matters are considered.

Leadership adds great value to any organization and ensures all the objectives are met.

All these values are important in helping me to attain my goals and ensure I am competent in my career.

One principle in regards to thinking critically is clarity in the decisions that are made. In most cases, people make decisions without considering both the negative and the positive aspects. As such, clarity is important to me since it ensures that one avoids any negative consequences to their choices. The second principle in regards to patience is humility. Personally, I have noted that most of the top managers are very humble people. This makes it possible for people to believe in them and trust their decisions. The third principle in regards to leadership is foresight. A leader should be able to predict the future and put in place strategies that will ensure the success of the organization regardless of the forecasts.

One of the goals I have developed is to become an international diplomat, based on the principle of humility. This particular job is stressful and requires all the parties involved to be humble in their interactions. Furthermore, one must set aside their personal views aside and ensure they do what is best for their country.

The primary challenge of being a diplomat is the competition for few diplomatic slots. However to deal with this, my aim is to start with small postings in international locations that will give me the experience of how to deal with foreign cultures. Eventually, this experience will add up and ensure I get a good diplomatic posting.


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This is what one of the response from one of my classmates

1.Thank you for you sharing your values. I found it interesting that your goal is to became an international diplomat based on the principle of humanity. Based on our readinds in Passion and Purpose, do you think leadership is characteristic or value?

2.Critical thinking is a great strength to have in any field. I believe what you have provided as a principle for your values is aligned well with your goal of becoming an International Diplomat.

Have you identified the basic requirements and preferred qualifications of becoming a diplomat and started working towards gaining all of the necessary experience? Have you been afforded the opportunity to conduct any networking interviews with any current or former International Diplomats that you have recognized to be humble? Is there a specific goal that you have with regards to timing on how long it will take you to become a diplomat?

My rationale for these particular questions is an effort to help you meet your goal. I am thinking that the networking with those diplomats you find humble would be great for you to understand if humility just happens to be a coincidental trait of each of these diplomats or if they each had specific experiences that taught them humility. I think this would be a great exercise for you if you have not done this yet, but maybe it is already on your list of things to do. Good luck with reaching your goals!

this was my responses to my classmates

I believe that now at this present time for me the peace of this world is very important. After the 911, the World change in different aspect and is important for me to speak with children about the peace in the world vs aggressio. You know why everything start at home and at school, we all need to keep talking with children and parents about how important is to respect and accept other culture without aggression, bad behavior and bulling. Because all that together lead children to grow with a negative thinking and they replaces the word Peace in the world and use the word hate. This is why one of the reason I would like to be a diplomatic and yes I had to search and read about other displomats to reach my goals. I also would like to start networking with other displmatics to better ideas and provide excellent examples those children in the world.

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How do great leaders deal with adversity and times of trouble? Bennis and Thomas argue that it is these leaders’ ability to deal with crisis that in fact created their strong leadership abilities. The “crucible,” named after the medieval alchemical device used to supposedly transform lead into gold, is a type of adverse experience that Bennis and Thomas argue has shaped great leaders for many years.

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