Indian Wars

Explored the “Indian Wars” as viewed through Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz’ An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States. For this week’s discussion board, imagine that you are describing this conflict to another student who is not a member of this class and using Dunbar-Ortiz’s text explain to them the answers to the following questions: What was the root cause of this conflict? Who were the players? How many factions were there? and finally how did the various sides view what was happening?
An A level response (22-25 points) Will engage with all aspects of the prompt, use detailed specifics from the text (including direct citation), and will meet the word count. 
A B level response (20-21 points) Will represent a good faith effort to complete the assignment, but will fall short in one of the above criteria.
A C level response (17-19 points) Will be a response that fails to meet multiple areas of the prompt, and or, one that fails to meet the word count and does not complete one or more of the above mentioned criteria.
A D level response (16 points or lower) will fail to complete several of the above mentioned criteria and will be vague and non-specific.

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