Increasing Effectiveness of Education Management using Dammam University in Saudi Arabia as a Case Study.

Topic: Increasing Effectiveness of Education Management using Dammam University in Saudi Arabia as a Case Study.

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The general objective of the proposed research is to develop improved methods for increasing the effectiveness of education management in the public university system in Saudi Arabia. Education management includes those functions of the Board of Education and the superintendent that deal with planning, organising, communicating and evaluation.
The proposed research would deal with these five problem areas, (I) Communicating with the public, (II) Personnel negotiation, (III) Staff evaluation and improvement, (IV)Program evaluation and improvement and (V) Administration.
Please breakdown the proposal in to the following points;

1. Introduction
2. Research aim and objectives
3. Research questions
4. Research problem
5. Literature review
6. Methodology
7. Limitation
8. Conclusion
9. References ( Please use up to dates references)

The principle aim of the conclusion is to draw all the threads of your study together. It should be based on what has been written earlier and nothing new should be introduced at this stage. You should summarize the arguments and issues emerging from your analysis and discussion, highlight the wider implications of your study, and relate your work back to the question you were trying to answer or the hypothesis that you were testing, indicating the extent to which you have been successful. Finally, if appropriate, you can make suggestions for future research.

A reference list is not a bibliography and should only include full references to sources cited within the text of the project. It should consist of one alphabetical list and should not be divided books, journals and websites. See Appendix F for referencing guidelines.

Appendices should only be used in exceptional circumstances in a Single Research Project. It might very occasionally be necessary to provide additional information but full documents or whole web sites must not be placed here. Where possible you should either summarise the material in words or put in a reference to where the reader can find the information.

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