Improving Organisational Performance

Improving Organisational Performance

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Analyse the findings of this report to CHOOSE two of the 10 case studies to base Ur essay upon. u are require to compare and contrast their approach to high performance work ( HPW) and or performance management (PM) practices…
Case Study 1 : Aspect Capital
Case study 2 : Data Connection
Case study 3: Bacardi & Martini Uk
Case study 4 : Flight Centre
Case Study 5 : i-level
Case study 6 : Pannone & Partners
Case Study 7 : Quest Diagnostics
Case study 8 : St.Luke’s
Case study 9 : Timpson
Case study 10: W L Gore.
Your Essay should include the following:
1. An introduction to the companies u have chosen and ur retionale for choosing these in order to compare and contrast their approaches .
2 . A critical academic discussion of academic definitions of PM/HPW . Evidence of understanding of the conceptual framework that underpins PM , e.g Motivation theory. A critical discussion of the role of the line manager.
3. A discussion which compares and contrasts the application of FOUR of the following areas in the two chosen company approaches
i. Integration with other HR practices
ii. Commitment & Reward (Non-finacial rewards and pay )
iii . Employee skill and training needs
iv . Process if performance management : A Cycle of expectations , Goal setting , support (Feedback & Coaching) Review , Analysis and assessment
v. Managing team performance
vi . Managing organisational
performance (Roles of HR , line manager & under performance )
4 . A final conclusion to summaries the key points of the essay discussion, and makes the links of the theories discussed with practice ..
1. Introduction : Aims and objectives for the essay , Justification of Organisational choices .
2 . Academic discussion : Academic definitions , use of conceptual framework , Critical Discussion of role of line manager .
3 . Application, Analysis of comparison and contrast : Accurate presentation of 4 topic of evidence , logical development of argument , intelligent discussion to compare organisations, depth and detail, application of course material and reading, appropriate conclusions drawn .
4. Conclusion : A through summary of the main discussion, including the critical literature and arguments.


1). Introduction: Aims and Objectives for the essay, Justification of Organisational choices

2). Academic Discussion: Academic Definitions, Use of Conceptual Framework, Critical discussion of role of line Manager

3). Application, Analysis of Comparision and constrast: Accurate presentation of 4 topics of evidence; logical development of argument; intelligent discussion to compare organisations; depth and details; application of course material and reading; appropriate conclusions drawn

4). Conclusion: A through summary of the main discussion, including the critical literature and arguments.

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