Improve the effectiveness of corporate trainers

You are a consultant who has been hired to improve the effectiveness of corporate trainers. These trainers often make presentations to employees on topics such as 1.conflict management, 2. teamwork, 3. problem solving, and 4. performance appraisal. Your goal is to teach these trainers how to make better presentations.
Your task: Please select one of the above 4 areas and create eight visually appealing slides on the relevant content, which will be spoken during the presentation titled Effective Employee Training. The ppt slides need to be on your selected area. You do not need to present your work, just submit your ppt slides. You also need to provide a detailed explanation – in 2500 words – of your introduction, opening statement, transition methods between different topics/slides and other relevant choices. Your report should be on your presentation and communication techniques with a reflection on your ppt slides.

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