Important Steps for Successful Organization Redesign

Important Steps for Successful Organization Redesign

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This is an Organizational Development & Change research paper.

8-10 points
6-7 points
4-5 points
2-3 points
Thesis Identified (OD and Change Issue)
Well thought out and
Good start but needs
Only small indication
No clearly identifiable
Thesis is missin
(10 possible points)
supported by paper
of thesis
Material well organized
Material organized by
Material not fully
Lack of material pieces
Material not
(10 possible points)
not connected or related
presented or missing
Content (this category worth double
Information very
Adequate information
Interesting but lacks
Only minimally supported
Important or useful
point value -best score receives 2X10 =
relevant and useful-
by data
information missing
20 possible points)
use of examples
Sources and use of APA format
Reliable and credible;
Good references used -but
Need more resources
5 or less references used
Inadequate or
(10 possible points)
Use of journals, 3-4
some suspect (Wikipedia)
( paper uses less than
missing resources
websites, at least 30
APA format not followed
APA completely
references used -APA
5 or more pieces from
3-5 pieces from prior class
Less that 3 pieces from
1 or 2 pieces from earlier
A mere mention of
(10 possible points)
class discussions or
discussions or material
prior class discussions
parts of class included
one discussion or
text included
or from text included
part from text
Well written with
Well written with minor
Fair writing with
A significant number of
Poorly written with
(10 possible points)
excellent grammar and
grammatical or spelling
additional grammar
spelling or
numerous mistakes
no spelling mistakes
or spelling issues
grammatical mistakes
Easy to understand
Flows well with only one
A few areas difficult
Many areas difficult ot
Difficult to
(10 possible points)
or two segments not
to understand
understand through-
out paper
Course content -OD & Change connection Paper connected
Paper connected well to
Many sections drifted
Only remotely connected
No connection to
(10 possible points)
well to course
the course direction with
off track
to OD and change
course whatsoever
some minor drifting off
the course direction in one
or two areas

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