Immigrants and Refugees

I. Research on your own,
• What do sociologists generally mean by assimilation, integration, and incorporation in the context of human migration?

• What proportion of first-generation immigrants do not know English?

• What proportion of second-generation immigrants do not know English?

II. From the weekly readings,
• What are the conclusions about assimilation/integration brought up in the Huntington and Jimenez readings?

• Do these authors reach the same conclusions? Please explain your rationale.

III. Find an episode in US History where assimilation is or was an explicit component of state policy.
• Describe the current or historic context, process, conditions, and results.

• What do you think are the implications of assimilation in our society? Should assimilation be expected of immigrants? What do you think are the consequences if assimilation does not take place and what do experts say?

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