Identifying Organizational Patterns Exercise (Des)

Watch the following video on organizational patterns in writing.

Review the following article on advances in robotics. Pay special attention to the organizational patterns in the article. Select one organizational pattern and, in a short response or 3-5 sentences, describe the pattern in the article and why it works as an organizational strategy.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Robots compares and contrasts robots according to . Some of the advantages include . Some disadvantages include . Comparing and contrasting works as an organizational style for this topic because .

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The chronological organizational pattern is a method of organizing information in order of time. This pattern is often used in historical accounts, biographies, and procedural texts. It can also be used in other types of writing, such as news articles and research papers, where it can be helpful to present information in a clear and logical order.

The chronological organizational pattern works well as an organizational strategy because it allows the reader to follow the development of events over time. This can be helpful for understanding the sequence of events, the causes and effects of events, and the overall significance of events.

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In the article, the chronological organizational pattern is used to tell the story of the development of Apple Inc. The article begins with the founding of the company in 1976 and follows its growth and success over the years. This pattern allows the reader to understand how Apple became the successful company that it is today.

The chronological organizational pattern is a versatile and effective way to organize information. It can be used in a variety of writing genres and can be helpful for presenting information in a clear and logical order.

Here are some other examples of when the chronological organizational pattern might be used:

  • A history of the United States
  • A biography of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • A procedural text on how to change a tire
  • A news article about a recent event
  • A research paper on the causes of climate change

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