Identify and analyse a current trend “Snapchat” from a marketing perspective

Identify and analyse a current trend “Snapchat” from a marketing perspective

Order Description
General themes to be explored:
Trend-spotting and trend analysis
Identify a significant/important/upcoming trend and outline this
Environmental scanning and analysis
Look at the underlying factors that help to understand and analyse this trend
Marketing opportunities and threats
Consider the impacts this trends may have on historic/current/future marketing
You may wish to consider organisation or industry case studies to illustrate
Marketing Strategy
What marketing recommendations might be relevant to this?

Practical Considerations
Work must be academically referenced in the university style (APA6)
Writing should be in an academic style
Work cannot go above the word count
Appendices (relevant tables, diagrams, examples, and background information) do not count in the word limit

Support your trend analysis with evidence from research and relevant examples
Illustrate and structure your work using relevant marketing theory and models
Write and structure your work clearly

Mark Scheme:
Understanding and reviewing relevant marketing theory 30%
Use of appropriate examples and literature to support arguments 25%
Originality of analysis and discussion 25%
Quality of writing, structure & referencing 20%

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