Hypothesis Islam

Select two sentences or paragraphs from the article and write two separate annotations from it. The
annotations should be a reaction paper and should include students’ thoughtful responses to, developed
questions from, or further exploration of the topics and issues of the assigned reading that was submitted. Do
not try to summarize the reading, NO SUMMARIZING. Use your critical thinking skills to evaluate, criticize, or
apply what you learned from the reading (2)PROOFREAD BEFORE SUBMITTING: Your submission is your
signature and face, and it is more so in a graduate course. Turning in a written assignment with many spelling
errors and grammatical mistakes is an unacceptable practice for a graduate student. No matter how great your
paper’s quality may appear to be, if there is a spelling error, the maximum grade the paper can get is a B. No
exception! 3) Create thoughts and experiences based on past experiences or thoughts about social settings
that you have and are placed 4) Clarify thoughts and then write reactions. Clear thoughts must appear in each
paragraph you will make. (5) Provide some examples or your own thoughts or opinions. Then move to the next.

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