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This paper has word limit 390~400 words. (Important!!) This paper prompt questions are [“How does Hume account for the contents of our minds? Use the terms “idea” and “impression.” Why do you think that Hume follows an epistemological path that Plato seems to show is logically incoherent?”] –?(Do NOT WRITE about Descartes and John Locke) I will give some example papers that get a high grade, and I will give you several JPG files about all you need. These JPG files are class notes, and these are given by professor from the class. Please write this essay to write down only using this. Please DO NOT USE OTHER SOURCES except that I gave you. SO, YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE QUOTATION.
Also, you must do not use a word “You, We, I, Me like this.” Please do not use them. I’m gonna upload all materials all you need right away. It is very helpful when you write this paper. As you can see the example papers, you shouldn’t write using difficult vocabulary, complex contents, and complex sentence structure. Please write down easily easily as you can see “Example files” However, this is Philosophy English class so you have to make sure that grammar, punctuation, right sentence structure, verb and so on. Of course, please avoid plagiarism 🙂 If you need more information, please tell me on the dash board. Thank you!! 🙂

P.S I’d like to writer write like this form the file named “Intro”

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