Human Resource Strategy

Topic: Human Resource Strategy

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Human Resource Strategy
Using case study: Talent Recruitment at Frog Design Shanghai, Harvard Business School, 9-411-040 Rev: November 25, 2013 (Robert G Eccles, Amy Edmondson, Yi Kwan Chu)

(1)As a member of Ying’s Asia-Pacific region team, you have been asked to recommend and justify one preferred candidate for each of the four director level jobs being considered. List the four candidates in order of priority for phased hiring based on frog design’s strategic goals. Your answer should include your justifications and a critical evaluation of key SHRM concepts.
50% (max 2,000 words)

(2) Using your analysis of the case, specify recommendations to improve frog’s current hiring processes and its general approaches to talent management.
Your recommendations should be based on your understanding of hiring and talent management practices in other organisations and the talent literature.
25% (max 1,000 words)

(3) Write a critical commentary on talent management.
Material in the case study and your ideas from task two may be used to inform your critique.
25% (max 1,000 words)

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