Human Resource Management, Managing People

In order to assess understanding and critical application of human resource management, organizational achievement, and leadership thus bridging theory into practice, students will be completing a summative final paper for this course. The paper should be 8 to 10 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, and following APA 6th guidelines.
To complete the final term paper, you will select a contemporary leader or past leader in the government, politics, community or nonprofit sector and write a paper.
The paper must include a Introduction and Background, LeaderBiography, – Describe Contribution to Society or Organizations, ( be specific, and provide examples, and provide some examples of how contribution made a different to organization or in society) Provide Analysis of Leadership Skills ( provide some example of public leadership behavior, group interactions, leadership styles, and relevance to theory, review the course readings) , and include Leadership Recommendations ( e.g. areas to improve, behavioral changes, include theory-based recommendations, and Summary and Conclusions ( e.g. personal insights),
Summarize key points throughout the paper, and the impact of their leadership on social change.

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